Bamboo Diapers

Bamboo diapers have a lot of advantages over other cloth diaper fabrics and can be an excellent addition to your cloth diaper stash.

Check the package or the manufacturer's website to determine the number of lavers a specific brand of diaper has. Fewer layers generally means a trimmer fit, but less absorbency, while more layers generally means a bulkier diaper, but more absorbency. So, for example, you might look for a trimmer fit during the day and more absorbency at night. For an explanation of layers in cloth diapers, see the page Prefold Cloth Diapers.
  • Bamboo fabric is more absorbent than cotton; therefore, you can get a trimmer fit with bamboo cloth diapers because fewer layers of fabric are required to achieve adequate absorbency.
  • Bamboo cloth diapers, or bamboo inserts, can be a great choice for heavy wetters or for overnight use. Again, because bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, bamboo cloth diapers can stand up to heavy wetting situations with less chance of leaking.
  • Bamboo wicks moisture away from the body, so your baby will not feel wet.
  • Bamboo diapers are very soft, and bamboo is also breathable, so it will allow your baby to stay cool on warmer days.

Bamboo and the Environment

There is some controversey regarding bamboo's status as an environmentally friendly fabric; however, bamboo does grow very quickly and without the use of pesticides.

Bamboo cloth diapers are normally made from a bamboo and cotton blend. Some brands of bamboo cloth diapers are made with a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, while others are made with a blend of bamboo and traditional (grown with pesticides) cotton. If you are buying bamboo diapers for environmental reasons, do be sure to check the manufacturer's website to determine what type of fabric is blended with the bamboo.

Below I've listed companies that offer bamboo cloth diapers. That list includes both companies with products made from bamboo and organic cotton, as well as companies with diapers made with a bamboo and traditional cotton blend. For a list of only brands that offer bamboo and organic cotton, please see the bamboo diapers section on the page Organic Cloth Diapers.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the drawbacks of bamboo cloth diapers is the fact that they are not cheap. Prefolds cost approximately $10 and fitted diapers cost around $25 for bamboo and traditional cotton blends and about $30 for bamboo and organic cotton blends. That can add up when you're trying to stock up on diapers.

Do keep in mind that bamboo is a very durable fabric. That fact can mitigate the cost a bit, especially if you plan to use cloth diapers with several babies. You should be able to use your bamboo cloth diapers over and over, and they should survive many turns through the washing machine.

Popular Brands that Offer Bamboo Diapers

  • Swaddlebees
  • Sustainablebabyish
  • GoodMama
  • BabyKicks
  • DryBees
  • BabyBeehinds
  • Cute Tooshies
  • Kissaluvs
  • BumGenius
  • Bumkins
  • Prices range from about $10 for a bamboo prefold to approximately $25 for bamboo fitted diapers.


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