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Cloth Diaper Brands

There are countless brands of cloth baby diapers around. From large, well known companies to small operations run by work at home moms, your options are extensive. It's simply a matter of doing some good research to find the right cloth baby diapers for your needs.

Blueberry Diapers

The line of Blueberry Diapers includes all in one (aio) cloth diapers, one size pocket diapers, one size diaper covers as well as cloth diapering accessories such as cloth diaper inserts, diaper laundry bags, and a handy diaper sprayer. They are made by the same company that makes Swaddlebees, and the colors and prints available are absolutely gorgeous. [Read more about Blueberry Diapers]

Blue Penguin

Blue Penguin is committed selling natural, healthy and easy to use cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories. They are based in the U.S.A., and their products are all made in the US. this company offers all in one diapers, fitted diapers and prefolds, and Blue Penguin features the very trim and soft all in one SposoEasy diaper. The company also offers a pull on style diaper cover as well as a diaper wrap style cover as well as extras including wet bags, diaper liners, wipes and diaper pail liners.


Swaddlebees offer aio diapers, pocket diapers, fitted diapers, and prefolds as well as diaper covers, diaper doublers, wipes and wet bags. They are committed to using organic cotton from US sources as much as possible, and the microfleece is a specialized weave designed to reduce detergent buildup (This feature is helpful because detergent buildup reduces the absorbency of the diaper).


DryBees feature all in one cloth baby diapers, pocket diapers, fitted diapers and fleece night time diapers. The company is based in West Virginia, and DryBees diapers are hand sewn by work at home moms in the local area.

Happy Heinys

Happy Heiny diapers feature a range of pocket diaper styles and also offer fitted diapers. Their pocket diapers include some one size diaper options as well as hemp and organic cotton diapers and extra small diapers. Their diaper covers include one size diaper covers, fleece diaper covers and wool diaper covers, and they also carry a range on cloth diaper accessories including wet bags and inserts. [Read more about Happy Heiny products]


Imse Vimse carries organic contour diapers, all in one diapers and organic square (flat) diapers. Their diaper covers include organic cotton, organic cotton velour and wool wrap style covers. Imse Vimse also offers swim diapers, diaper liners, wipes and wet bags. The company is based in Sweden, and they their diapers are sold internationally.

Tiny Tush

Tiny Tush is a family owned business based in the US. They offer a huge range of diaper styles including: all in one diapers, fitted diapers and one size fitted diapers, contour diapers, pocket diapers and prefolds. Their diaper covers include wrap and pull on styles as well as wool soakers. Other items include inserts for pocket diapers, flushable diaper liners, wipes, diaper pail liners, wet bags and a diaper sprayer.


The Rumparooz diaper is part of the Kanga Care line of cloth baby diapers and cloth diapering accessories. The signature feature in this line of cloth diapers is the inner double gusset. The company offers a one size pocket diaper as well as an all in one diaper designed for preemies and newborns, diaper inserts, diaper liners, wet bags and diaper pail liners. [Read more about Rumparooz diapers]


Thirsties diapers come in a gorgeous range or colors. They are made in the US by work at home moms. Thirties offers the Duo Diaper pocket diaper, as well fitted diapers and prefolds. They also carry diaper covers, inserts, wipes and diaper pail liners.


Dappi diapers come in fitted, contour and prefold styles. The company also offer diaper covers and doublers.


Wahmies offers the one size pocket diaper as well as wet bags in fun prints, wipes, diaper pail liners and microfiber inserts.

Baby BeeHinds

Baby BeeHinds are based in Australia, but they sell world-wide, with retailers in North America, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. They offer a large range of cloth baby diaper styles including all in one, fitted and night time diapers. [Read more about Baby BeeHinds products]

Cute Tooshies

Cute Tooshies are also based in Australia. They sell fitted diapers with your choice of fabrics that include bamboo, hemp or soy as well as a one size, all in two diaper.


Kissaluvs is another company that offers a large variety of diaper styles and accessories. Their products include a one size AIO diaper, several types of fitted cloth baby diapers, and contour diapers. Their diaper covers include a diaper wrap style PUL cover as well as wool soakers and extras include wipes, doublers and diaper pail liners.

Bum Genius

BumGenius offers several one size all in one cloth diapers as well as wipes, doublers, wet bags, diaper pail liners and a diaper sprayer. [Read more about Bum Genius products]


gDiapers are not true cloth diapers; they are a cross between a disposable diaper and a cloth diaper. Simply place the flushable diaper refill in the reusable liner and snap the liner into the diaper cover. The liner and diaper cover are reuseable (just like cloth diapers), but the flushable diaper refill replaces the traditional absorbent layer and can be flushed or composted.


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