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Baby Diaper Covers

There are quite a few cloth diaper cover options available. Baby diaper covers come in a variety of fabrics, styles and sizes.

The best cloth diaper cover for your needs will depend largely on your baby's body type, your diaper washing preferences, the type of cloth diapering system you prefer, as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Do keep in mind, different baby diaper cover brands can work better for some babies than others (depending on your baby's build). I would recommend, if possible, buying just one cover and trying it on your baby before you stock up on several diaper covers of the same style. That way you can ensure you end up with a stash of diaper covers that are ideal for your baby.

If you are using any of the following cloth diapering systems, you will need to purchase diaper covers:

One benefit of using a cloth diapering system that includes a diaper cover which is separate from the absorbent layer, is that the diaper cover (the waterproof layer) does not have to be replaced each time you change your baby. You can reuse your baby diaper covers as long as they are clean and dry. This means that your diaper covers will be laundered less frequently and will, therefore, often last longer than the absorbent layers in some other types of cloth diapers.

Baby diaper covers are commonly made from one of four types of fabric:

There is a lot of variation among brands of diaper covers, and you can find different types of diaper covers to meet different nees (see Types of Diaper Covers below). In general, though, baby diaper covers come in two main styles:

  1. Pull on diaper covers, which, as the name suggests are simply pulled up like you would pull up a pair of pants. If you use a pull on diaper cover, you must fasten the absorbent layer of your diaper with pins or snaps because without snaps or pins, the absorbent layer is likely to shift under this type of diaper cover.

  2. Diaper wraps, which are made with velcro or snaps that are used to fasten the diaper cover much like you would fasten a disposable diaper on a baby. If you use diaper wraps, you do not need to fasten the absorbent layer of your diaper with pins or snaps as the diaper cover will fit snugly enough to hold the absorbent layer in place, and the absorbent layer will not shift while you fasten a wrap style diaper cover.

Types of Diaper Covers

Types of Diaper Covers
Details about popular types of cloth diaper covers including pull on diaper covers and diaper wraps, and considerations for choosing the baby diaper cover style that is right for you and your baby.

One Size Cloth Diapers
Learn all about one size cloth diapers including types of one size diapers and popular brands.

Preemie Cloth Diapers
There are a few brands that offer preemie cloth diapers and preemie diaper covers. If you want to use prefolds, you'll have several brands to choose from. If you want to use a different type of cloth diapering system, there are fewer options, but there are all in one, all in two, fitted and pocket diapers in preemie sizes on the market.

Cloth Diaper Cover Fabrics

Baby Diaper Cover Fabrics
Understand the baby diaper cover fabric options that are available to help you choose the diaper cover that is right for your baby.

Wool Diaper Covers
Many parents believe that wool diaper covers are the finest diaper covers available. Discover the advantages of using wool covers as well as some considerations to keep in mind.

Fleece Diaper Covers
Fleece will wick moisture away from your baby's skin. It is extremely soft, comes in many different varieties and is easy to care for.

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)
PUL baby diaper covers are made from fabric that has a waterproof film bonded to it. PUL diaper covers are popular, widely available (especially if you shop online), durable and inexpensive.

Vinyl Diaper Covers
Vinyl diaper covers are inexpensive and widely available. This fabric is what you're likely to find if you shop for diaper covers in traditional department stores as opposed to online cloth diaper stores. However, vinyl does not provide good airflow, and heat and moisture are trapped within the diaper. Vinyl is not a diaper cover that I would personally recommend.


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