Cloth Diaper Service

Using a cloth diaper service can be an extremely convenient option for cloth diapering your baby.

How Diaper Services Work

The first week you use a service, you will receive a load of diapers delivered to your home. This delivery will be half of the diapers in your package (so, if you ordered 140 diapers, you will get 70 diapers the first week). You'll get the second half of your diapers on the second week.

In the first week, or when you initially sign on with the company, you will likely meet with someone who will explain exactly how to diaper your baby with cloth diapers. They will show you a couple of different options for folding the diapers (most services use prefold cloth diapers) and how to store the used diapers between pickups.

You will set out your used diapers for pickup on a specific day each week, and the company will drop off the diapers they cleaned from the previous week. It is an extremely simple and convenient arrangement.

Cloth diaper delivery services vary in terms of their fees. Some will charge a startup fee, which normally includes a diaper pail suitable for cloth diapers, and possibly a few diaper covers and liners. The service I use charges a flat rate per week no matter how many diapers I use (with discounts for a longer time commitment), while other services have rates that vary based on the number of diapers you order.

Benefits of Using a Cloth Diaper Service

Using a service can be an extremely easy, convenient way to cloth diaper your baby. Discover the benefits of using a service.

Drawbacks to Using a Service

While using a service to clean your diapers can be an extremely convenient way to diaper your baby, there are a few drawbacks to consider when deciding whether you'll use a service or launder your own cloth diapers.

What to Look for in a Cloth Diaper Delivery Service

If you are thinking abour using a cloth diaper delivery service instead of laundering your diapers yourself, here are a few questions to ask so you'll be well informed before you sign on with the service.

How to Find a Good Service

Tips for finding a good service in your local area.


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