Chinese Prefold Diapers

Chinese prefold diapers are a specific type of prefold cloth diapers that are made in China.

What is a Prefold Cloth Diaper?

A prefold diaper is an absorbent rectangular cloth that is sewn several layers thick. It is divided lengthwise into 3 sections, and the middle section is the most absorbent section. Prefold cloth diapers are used with a diaper cover which helps prevent leaks and holds the diaper in place.

What are Chinese Prefold Cloth Diapers?

Chinese prefold cloth diapers, sometimes referred to as CPFs, are a type of prefold diaper that are made in China. They are extremely popular, and are available at many online cloth diaper stores.

These cloth diapers are known for their durability. They are simple to use and are a very economical cloth diapering option. If you buy Chinese prefolds, do ensure you purchase diaper service quality (DSQ) to ensure you get good quality diapers.

Chinese prefolds are sometimes compared with Indian prefolds (prefold diapers made in India). While some parents say they really can't see a difference between the two types of diapers, others feel the Indian cotton prefolds are softer, but the Chinese prefolds are more durable.

If you purchase new, natural Chinese prefolds, do keep in mind that they need to be washed several times in very hot water before they are fully absorbent. Some of my first cloth diapering experiences were with new, natural Chinese prefold cloth diapers, and they had not been washed several times before I used them. The diapers were leaky until they were finally put through several washes with hot water. Once they had been washed several times, I completely stopped having issues with leaks.


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