Cloth Diaper Service

Benefits of Using a Baby Diaper Service

Using a cloth diaper service can be an extremely easy, convenient way to cloth diaper your baby.

Benefits of using a cloth diaper service include:

  • Limited Handling of Dirty Diapers
    Diaper services do not require you to rinse used diapers. When you change your baby, you'll simply toss the absorbent layer into your diaper pail, and (assuming you're using flushable liners) put the flushable liner in the toilet if there are any solids.

  • No Need to Launder Diapers
    This job is done for you by the diaper service. You may still launder your own diaper covers (some services deal with covers, others will leave them for you to wash), but dealing with your own diaper covers can be a positive because it allows you to choose your own covers and find what works best for you, rather than being stuck with the brand your diaper service uses.

  • The Baby Diaper Service Provides Everything
    You'll normally get everything you need to get started in a start up package provided by your diaper service. This convenience reduces your need to research products and makes cloth diapering extremely easy for first time cloth diaperers.

  • Staff Will Answer All of Your Cloth Diapering Questions
    When you use a service, you'll have direct access to someone who can show you exactly how to fold, put on and care for cloth diapers and answer any questions you may have.

  • Delivery Directly to Your Door
    Your fresh, clean diapers will be delivered directly to your door. You'll eliminate the need to run out to the store every time you need diapers and enjoy the convenience of front door diaper delivery service.

  • Professional Grade Washing Equipment
    Diaper services use professional grade washing equipment and a multi-stage process to keep your diapers absolutely clean.


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