Diaper Delivery Service

What to Look for in a Baby Diaper Service

If you are thinking abour using a cloth diaper delivery service instead of laundering your diapers yourself, here are a few questions to ask so you'll be well informed before you sign on with the service.

  1. What type of diapers do you use?
    Most cloth diaper delivery services use diapers service quality prefold cloth diapers. You will probably not have a choice in the type of cloth diapers you use if you go with a diaper service.

  2. Do you provide and launder night time diapers or doublers?
    If your baby is a heavy wetter, or if you are using cloth diapers at night, prefolds alone may not be enough to keep your baby dry. Be sure to clarify how your diaper service will help you address any issues related to the way your diapers work in order to ensure your cloth diapering experience is positive.

    The diaper service I use provided me with a few diaper doublers to use at night at no charge. I really haven't needed them, but if my baby was a heavy wetter through the night, they would be indispensable.

  3. Who is responsible for laundering the diaper covers?
    If you are responsible for washing your diaper covers, you'll have the freedom to purchase and use any type of covers you like. If your diaper service launders the covers, you'll likely be limited to using the covers they provide.

  4. How are your diapers washed?
    Cloth diaper delivery services use a multi-step process to wash their diapers. Feel free to ask about this process to be assured your baby's diapers are thoroughly and professionally cleaned.

  5. What are your policies on missed weeks?
    If there is any chance you might be skipping a week or two of service (for example, you may decide to switch over to disposables for a few days if you are travelling with your baby on vacation) be sure to clarify the company's policies on skipping a week of service.

  6. What is the charge for the service and what does that fee cover?
    Some companies charge a flat rate per week no matter how many diapers you use. Others have rates that vary depending upon the number of diapers used.

  7. Are there any opportunities for discounts?
    Your cloth diaper delivery service may offer discounts such as a reduced weekly fee if you commit to using the service for a certain number of weeks.

  8. Is there a startup fee? If so, how much is the startup fee, and what does it cover?
    You may be required to pay a startup fee to cover items such as your diaper pail, carbon filters, liners and possibly some diaper covers.

  9. Who should I contact if I have questions about my cloth diapers?
    If you are completely new to cloth diapering, one extremely valuable benefit of using a cloth diaper service is having access to someone who can answer your cloth diapering questions. Be sure to find out who to contact if you have any questions about using your diapers.

  10. When is drop off and pickup day?

  11. What is your policy on lost diapers?
    The prefolds you use will normally remain property of the cloth diaper service, so they will likely charge you a small fee if you lose any of their diapers. Be sure to clarify this point in order to avoid any surprises at the end of your term with your diaper service.

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