Flat Fold Cloth Diaper

The flat fold cloth diaper is the original type of cloth diaper and the precursor to prefold diapers.

Flatfolds are square and are made from a single layer of fabric. They are quite inexpensive, and can be folded in several different ways.

You'll find a flat fold cloth diaper is thinner than a prefold diaper because flatfolds are made from one layer of fabric, while prefolds are made from several layers of fabric. This difference can result in a slimmer fit compared with prefolds, but it can also result in less absorbency.

Flatfolds are typically made from cotton (flannel or birdseye) or hemp. To put a flat fold diaper on your baby, you will need to fold it, and then fasten it with pins or a snappi and secure it with a diaper cover to prevent leaks.

Flatfolds have the benefit of being inexpensive and versatile, and they dry quickly. They can be folded in many different ways to accommodate the build of any type of baby. They do not come in different sizes; you simply adjust your folding technique to achieve the best fit for your growing baby.

Many moms find flat fold diapers more challenging to use compared with other cloth diapering systems. Flatfolds require more arranging than other types of cloth diapers, and, therefore, can be more challenging to put on a squirmy baby.

If you choose to try flatfolds, be sure to buy a quality brand. Some of the lower quality brands you'll often find in traditional stores are prone to leaks. Instead, look for better brands that are more readily available online.

Popular Brands

  • Imse Vimse Square Diaper
  • Gerber Birdseye Cloth Diaper

Approximate Prices

  • $1.00 - $4.00 per diaper, depending upon type of fabric
  • You will also need to purchase diaper covers to use with your flatfolds, so this expense should also be factored into your costs as well.

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