Hemp Diapers

Hemp diapers can be an excellent cloth diapering option. Hemp cloth diapers have a number of benefits.

  • Hemp is mildew resistant and naturally anti-microbial.
  • It is extremely absorbent, which makes it good for heavy wetters or overnight use.
  • Because it is so absorbent, it can also allow for a trimmer fit compared with cotton diapers because fewer layers may be used while still providing adequate absorbency.
  • Hemp is an extremely strong fabric, so hemp cloth diapers are known to be extremely long lasting. This quality also makes them an economical option because you should be able to use them through several babies.
  • Hemp is a breathable fabric, so it will help your baby stay cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather.

The first time you wash your hemp cloth diapers, you must wash them separately from your other diapers. Hemp has natural oils that will cause your diapers to repel water, therefore reducing their absorbency.

Once you have washed your new hemp cloth diapers once, it is normally fine to mix them with other diapers, but do check your diaper manufacturers' washing instructions. Some manufacturers recommend keeping hemp separate from other diapers.

Do keep in mind, like other types of cloth diapers, you must wash hemp cloth diapers several times before they will reach their full absorbency.

In addition to being strong and absorbent, hemp cloth diapers also have the benefit of being an environmentally friendly choice. Pesticides are not required in growing hemp, which makes them an environmentally friendlier option than regular cotton (cotton accounts for a large percentage of global pesticide use).

You can buy several different types of hemp cloth diapers, from hemp prefolds to hemp fitted diapers to pocket diapers. Below are several popular brands:

Popular Cloth Diaper Brands That Offer Hemp Diapers and/or Hemp Inserts

  • BabyKicks
  • Happy Heiny
  • Blue Penguin
  • Swaddlebees
  • Tiny Tush
  • Rumparooz
  • Thirsties
  • Baby BeeHinds
  • Cute Tooshies
  • Kissaluvs
  • JamTots

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