Pocket Diaper

The pocket diaper is made of an outer waterproof layer and inner soft layer sewn together on three sides, with one side left open to form a pocket.

You insert the absorbent layer into the pocket. Pocket diapers are not absorbent without the insert. This type of cloth diaper is one of the more expensive cloth diapering options, but it is also a very convenient and easy to use option.

A pocket cloth diapers may be used only once before it requires washing as the cover will be wet with each change.

Pocket cloth diapers are made with a variety of fabrics. The outer layer is often made of polyurethane laminate (PUL) or fleece, while the inner layer (the part that touches your baby's skin) is commonly made from microfleece, suedecloth or velour.

This type of diaper is fairly versatile, in that you may use inserts designed specifically for the brand of pocket cloth diaper you have, or you may use prefolds or other types of soakers you have on hand as inserts. Absorbent inserts are made from a variety of fabrics. Microfiber and hemp are common and work well.

This type of cloth diaper comes in a huge range of styles with a variety of different features and is quite easy to use. You can pre-stuff the diapers immediately after you wash them, and they will be no more work to put on than an all in one diaper. Pre-stuffing your diapers also makes diapering simple for caregivers who may not be confident using cloth diapers.

One advantage pocket cloth diapers have over all in one diapers is that they dry more quickly because the absorbent layer is removable and one side of the diaper is left open which creates better air circulation when drying.

Popular Brands

  • Happy Heinys
  • Tiny Tush
  • Rumparooz
  • Thirsties
  • Wahmies
  • Bumgenius
  • Fuzzi Bunz

Approximate Prices

  • $13.00 - $23.00 per diaper, depending upon type of fabric and special features of each brand

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