Cloth Swim Diaper

A cloth swim diaper is an excellent, economical alternative to disposable swimmers. They are easy to use and wash and come in a range of styles, patterns and colors.

Cloth swim diapers look very much like diaper covers, and like diaper covers, come in either wrap styles (with hook and loop or snap closures) or pull on styles. Do keep in mind, cloth swimmers (like disposable swimmers) are nowhere near as absorbent as standard, daily wear cloth or disposable diapers. They are used to contain any stools if your baby happens to have a bowel movement while swimming, but they are no substitute for regular, daily wear diapers for day to day use outside of the pool.

I personally lean toward the wrap style simply because it is so easy to take off. If you have used disposable swimmers and you tend to rip the side apart when taking them off your baby, as opposed to pulling them down, you will probably prefer the wrap style over the pull on style.

Reusable swim diapers are very cost effective. Disposable swimmers are quite pricy, and if you swim with your baby frequently, the cost of using disposables can add up quickly. For that reason, use of reusable swimmers is not limited only to parents who use cloth diapers on a day to day basis. Parents who use disposable diapers on a regular basis often like the simplicity and cost effectiveness of using cloth swimmers.

Consider that one cloth swimmer costs about $10 to $15, depending upon the brand you buy, while a package of 10-12 disposable swimmers costs approximately $10, or about $1 per diaper. If disposable swimmers cost about $1 per diaper (or $1 each time you take your baby swimming), and you bought a cloth swimmer for $15, the cloth diaper would be less expensive than disposable swimmers a long as you took your baby swimming more than 15 times. For avid swimmers, it doesn't take long to realize a big price advantage with the reusable diapers.

Not only will a cloth swim diaper will last for many swims until your baby grows out of it, it can be used again if you have more children.

Cloth swimmers come in a huge range of very cute styles. You do not need to put a bathing suit over top, but you can certainly can put a bathing suit over them if you prefer.

Cloth swimmers are very easy to use. They do not require the addition of any extra layers or inserts that need to be folded of stuffed. Simply put it on just as you would put on a disposable diaper if it is a wrap style, or pull it on if it is a pull up style. Your cloth swimmers can be washed at home, just be certain to review and follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Popular Brands

Imse Vimse
Bummi - Swimmi
Iplay Swim Diaper

Approximate Prices

Although some brands sell for $20 or more, many brands sell for approximately $10 and $15.


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