Wool Diaper Covers

Wool diaper covers are considered by many parents to be the top of the line in diaper covers.

Wool covers are made from felted wool. They are extremely soft and breathable, while the lanolin in the wool creates a water resistant barrier.

While wool is very absorbent, it also tends to wick wetness away from your baby. You may notice some dampness in your wool covers if your baby is not changed for an extended period of time.

Wool diapers come in pull on (soaker) styles or diaper wrap (with velcro or snap closures) styles. Because wool covers are so breathable, they will keep your baby cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are also good for babies who are prone to diaper rash.

Wool covers are generally more expensive than most types of cloth diapers; however, they do not need to be washed as frequently as other diaper covers, so you can often get away with having fewer covers in you stash if you are using wool.

Wool covers require special care when washing. They will need to be lanolized and often require hand washing. However, wool covers can be worn several times before they must be washed, which will help balance out the need for special care. Wash your wool covers every week or two.

Simply let a cover air dry between changes if it is damp with urine. The lanolin in the wool causes a reaction which breaks down urine, which is why the covers do not need to be washed as frequently, even if they have become damp with urine. Be sure to read and follow the washing instructions for your wool covers very carefully.

Popular Brands

  • Happy Heinys
  • Imse Vimse
  • Swaddlebees
  • Tiny Tush
  • Aristocrats
  • Biobottoms
  • Kissaluvs
  • Loveybums

Approximate Prices

  • $22.00 - $40.00 per diaper. The price for wool diaper covers varies widely, depending upon the size of the diaper cover and style of diaper cover you choose.

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