Folding Diapers

How to Fold Cloth Diapers - The Bikini Twist

When it comes to folding diapers, a lot of people love the bikini twist. It is extremely simple and not too bulky between the legs.

The bikini twist is not my personal favorite technique for folding diapers. Although I like the lack of bulk, I find, based on the way my prefolds fit my son, there's a lot of fabric that seems to be floating around in areas that don't really need protection from wetness, and there are a lot of creases created by the twist, so I can never get my diaper liners to sit well on the twisted part, and there are a lot of nooks and crannys that solids can get into.

Just because this diaper folding technique doesn't work for me and my son, doesn't mean that you won't love it. So it's worthwhile to give the bikini twist a try to see if it's a good fit for your baby.

How to Fold Cloth Diapers - Bikini Twist

1. Lay the diaper out flat, and lay your baby on the prefold so the small or his or her back is at the top edge of the prefold.

2. Grasp the bottom corners of the diaper (one in each hand - you'll be able to do this step with one hand after a bit of practice) and flip the corners to create a twist in the middle of the diaper. Keep the bottom corners splayed out, so the prefold is in an hourglass shape.

3. Add a diaper liner or diaper doubler if you use them. You'll need to lift your baby's bottom slightly to get the doubler and/or liner in place.

4. Bring the front edge of the prefold up to your baby's waist.

5. Bring the back corners of the prefold around to the front.

6. If you use Snappis or diaper pins, secure everything with whichever type of fastener you like to use.

7. Secure the diaper cover on your baby ensuring none of the prefold is sticking out of the diaper cover (you especially don't want any prefold sticking out at the front if you're diapering a boy, or at the back if you're diapering a girl) and ensure there's a good fit around the legs.

Folding Diapers - Bikini Twist Pictures

Folding Diapers
Lay the prefold out flat.
Folding Diapers
Lay baby on the prefold, grasp the two bottom corners of the prefold and twist them.
Folding Diapers
This is how the twist looks without baby on the prefold. You do not have to take your baby off the prefold at the point; I just included this photo so you can see what the twist looks like.
Folding Diapers
Fold the prefold up towards your baby's waist and wrap corners snugly around your baby's waist.
Folding Diapers
Secure with a Snappi or diaper pins if you like.
Folding Diapers
Secure a diaper cover over the prefold.

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For general tips on how to fold cloth diapers, see Folding Cloth Diapers


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