Cloth Diaper Doublers

Cloth diaper doublers are a cloth diapering extra that you may or may not need depending on your baby and the type of diapers you use.

A cloth diaper doubler is a small, absorbent insert that you place between your baby's skin and his or her diaper. It adds a little extra absorbency and can be very helpful for getting through the night, or nap time without leaks.

Doublers are typically made from absorbent fabric such as hemp, bamboo, cotton or sometimes wool, and they may have a layer designed to wick wetness away from your baby's skin.

Doublers are not a necessity for everyone. I picked up a few when I first started using cloth diapers. My main concern was getting through the night without leaks. As much as I wanted to use cloth diapers, I also did not want to give up precious sleep to leaky diapers.

The doublers did their job to add absorbency to my son's diapers at night. I did, however, discover that they were not necessary for us. My son was able to make it through the night (by six months of age) without a doubler, and there were no leaks. This won't be true for all babies or all brands of cloth diapers, so you'll need to experiment yourself to determine whether you would benefit from buying a few doublers.

If you are having difficulty with leaking that is not related to buildup on your diapers, or putting the diaper on incorrectly, a doubler will likely be a good solution.

Doublers are quite inexpensive, and there are several brands to choose from. You can find several brands for about $3.00 each, while some higher end products sell for about $6.00 each.

If you only need your doublers for night time and maybe nap time, and assuming you're washing your diapers every couple of days, you'll really only about 4 doublers. Also, you can simply toss your used doublers in with your diapers to be washed on laundry day.

Popular Brands that Carry Cloth Diaper Doublers

  • GoodMama
  • GroVia
  • BabyKicks
  • Loveybums
  • Kushies
  • Bumkins
  • Bum Genius
  • Kissaluvs
  • Thirsties
  • Tiny Tush
  • Swaddlebees
  • Blue Penguin
  • Happy Heinys


Doublers are sold in singles or in packs of three or more (depending on the brand), and they cost approximately $3-$6 per doubler.


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