Cloth Diaper Liners

Cloth diaper liners are a fantastic addition to your cloth diaper supplies. Flushable diaper liners make cleanup extremely simple and can keep your cloth diapers looking fresh longer.

Purpose of Cloth Diaper Liners

Cloth diaper liners are added to your cloth diapers next to your baby's skin, and they are used to catch any bowel movements. Because your baby's poops (for the most part) end up on the diaper liner instead of directly on the diaper, your cloth diapers will be a lot easier to clean if you use liners.

Diaper liners should not be confused with diaper doublers. Diaper doublers are added to cloth diapers to provide an extra layer of absorbency. Diaper liners, on the other hand, are typically not very absorbent; they are used to make cleanup easier.

Occasionally you may hear people refer to diaper liners when they are actually talking about diaper doublers, but for the most part, if you are looking for extra absorbency, look for diaper doublers, and if you are looking for easier cleanup, look for diaper liners.

How to Use Diaper Liners

Diaper liners are very easy to use. No matter what type of cloth diaper you are using, simply remember that the liner should be the layer that is closest to your baby's skin. Simply assemble your cloth diaper and lay the diaper liner on top being sure to place it under your baby's bottom, where it will catch any poops. If you are also using a diaper doubler, the diaper doubler should be placed between the assembled diaper and the diaper liner, so that the diaper liner is the layer that is closest to your baby's skin.

The cloth diaper liner will make it very easy to change your baby's diaper after a bowel movement. If you are using flushable diaper liners, simply lift the flushable liner, along with any solids, off of the diaper, and toss the liner and the solids into the toilet. The liner will not always catch all of the poops, but it will get a good amount of it most of the time, which eliminates, or greatly reduces the need to deal with cleaning stool from your cloth diapers.

Additional Considerations

Using rash cream can be a problem when you cloth diaper your baby. If the rash cream gets on the diaper, it will not wash off easily and can reduce absorbency. Diaper liners can be used to provide a barrier between rash cream on baby's bottom and the cloth diaper, but because you will need to ensure the diaper liner is lined up very carefully with the rash cream. It is not a foolproof solution, but it will reduce the chance of getting rash cream on your cloth diapers.

While I absolutely love diaper liners, some parents are not fans of them. If your child has very sensitive skin, he or she may get a rash from the diaper liner. Also, flushable diaper liners are not particularly soft, so if you use cloth diapers, in part, because you love knowing your baby has soft fabric next to his or her skin, you may not like liners because they will come between the soft diaper and your baby's skin.

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